One Hundred Fifty Seven

I did laundry! Yes. It’s not put away… buuuutttt it’s clean. I will usually try and make myself look at least kind of decent if I am going out in public. Not this morning. No make up, hair up, pajamas, band tee. I don’t cur. I’m at the laundry mat, by myself… I don’t give a fuck, I don’t, I don’t give a fuck. I don’t have to go back to Yogurtland until Saturday. I have like… all week.. of sleeping in. I have to open three days in a row which is going to suck because I know I won’t sleep and working that Monday eliminates my day off next week, but shit, it’s still kind of awesome. I have tomorrow off and since I did laundry today it’s just going to be a day of nothing. I love doing nothing. I really do. I can’t believe tomorrow is weigh in day again. Last Wednesday does not seem like an entire week ago. I am really hoping for good things this week. I’ve been at the gym, doing work, eating well. I down loaded an app called Lose It! It’s pretty great. It’s kept me super accountable the last couple days. It has also opened my eyes to a few things I’ve been eating regularly that I definitely shouldn’t be… like my Venti Mocha Light Frappucino that has 74 carbs in it… -_-. Yeah that can’t happen any more. But it’s your basic calorie counter. It gives you a daily limit depending on your weight and how much a week you want to lose and you can log exercise as well and it will adjust accordingly. I am more interested in the carbs I eat in a day, which it also logs, but knowing calories is good too. And I down loaded a water intake tracker. Dammit I am so on top of my shit! Yee. Kaaayy I’m off to eat some watermelon and watch America’s Next Top Model marathon. Try not to be jealous.


2 thoughts on “One Hundred Fifty Seven

  1. I downloaded the lose it app after you mentioned it yesterday and it’s awesome!
    Also I went back and looked at some of your first entries on your blog and girl you look AWESOME these days. You just look healthier and more vibrant and alive 🙂

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