One Hundred Fifty Six

Two more weeks until my birthday! 🙂 Yay. Today is my day off so I got up and ran some errands and now I am chillin on max until Zumba at 6. I am in a good mood today. I feel pretty happy. I feel thin. Which is always reason to be in a good mood. Today is Mom’s 4 year anniversary of being sober. It’s kind of crazy. That entire era of my life where she was an alcoholic doesn’t even seem real. Maybe because I’ve tried so hard to block it. Either way, I’m more than grateful she found the strength to get sober again. She wouldn’t be alive today if she hadn’t. Her and Gabe are making double chocolate brownies to celebrate. I on the other hand bought some watermelon!! Yeess. I need to do laundry but I dooonn’ttt feeeeel liiiikkeee iittt. I might do it tonight, but I’m not promising anything. Well I gotta eat before Zumba so I’m off to make a salad. Mmmmmmmm. Kay Bye!!


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