One Hundred Fifty Four

Holllyyy balls today was too long. Yogurtland and Moma’s for a combined 13.5 hours, then I hit the gym. Granted I was too tired to do a running circuit so I cycled instead… but I fuckin went. All on 4 hours of sleep! Fuuuuuhhh. I have to be at Yogurtland tomorrow at 8, but at least after I’m done there I’ll have the evening and Monday off. Other than all that my self esteem is in the gutter. Pretty much about every aspect of my life. But it’s cool I guess. I hate my body again. Schweet. I don’t even have an explanation. I could go on some long ass rant on here, but it wouldn’t make a difference. It wouldn’t make me feel better and I just need to work through it, I suppose. How? No fuckin clue. Maybe sleeping will help? Yeah, that seems logical. Alright, good night.


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