One Hundred Fifty Three

Today was June 1st! The first day of the month that my birthday is in! Yeus. 18 more days. Then it’s superfunbeachtriplegallygettingwastedforever time! Today was relatively good. I got to sleep in, I went and donated blood, I wasted a bunch time waiting for my check so I could pay rent on time and finally had to give up to go get ready for Moma’s, I went to work, and then I had Tajoe Joe’s for dinner. Mmmmm. My arm freakin hurts after donating blood this time. My veins are really hard to find so the lady had to dig around with the needle for a few seconds to find one. It’s bruising nicely. Getting my pay check today was a battle and a half. I did end up being able to pick it up and deposit it on my way to Moma’s though. It’s so freakin inconvenient to work 30 miles away on pay day and then have to wait around for whenever the owner is going to be at the Bakersfield store with it. It clashed with my day’s schedule. That was really the only bad part about the day though. I was crazy craving steak tonight at work. Since Wesley and I were a pint short on blood we weren’t going to work out tonight anyway. SO we went to Tajoe Joe’s to get steak! It was delicious and totally worth it. I am still completely torn about getting bangs. Like, it’s been a daily roller coaster trying to decide. If anything I will save them for winter. It’s the worst when you have bangs and it’s hot and they get sweaty and curly and there’s nothing you can do about it. With out bangs you can just brush that shit back. But bangs look sooo… bangin! Ugh. Only time will tell. Tomorrow’s going to suck because I work both jobs alllllll daaaayyyy. Oh well. Gonna lay here in the dark for the next few hours “sleeping”. Peeaacceee out.


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