One Hundred Fifty Two

Oh man today was long. I weighed myself out of curiosity this morning and I weighed 1.1 pounds less than yesterday. Whhaaatt thheee fuuucckk. I’m really not into weight fluctuating that much. I appreciate consistency. I guess I’ll just have to adjust to it and not take it all so hard. When I was bigger I seriously weighed the same number for like 3 years. I guess this is a new “thinner person” issue. Yogurtland was alright, Moma’s was alright, the gym kicked my ass. This was the first night back doing our running circuits. Frick I’m tired. But I feel good. That just got done with a hard work out good. I decided today that I want a big body pillow to cuddle with. Because I’m sad and lonely. And who doesn’t love body pillows? Probably terrorists. Pay day tomorrow! Also I gotta pay freakin rent! Awesome. Brokeness. We are also going to donate blood tomorrow. Woopwoop. Free snacks. 🙂 I’ll be mad if my iron is too low again. Not getting stabbed in the vein for 10 minutes so they can drain your blood is really disappointing. I drank a ton of water today. Almost 3 liters. My new goal is to drink at least 2 liters of water a day. I think being dehydrated might be messing with my weight a little bit. So hopefully staying nice and hydrated on a regular basis will help me lose the weight I want to. Ok time to go eat and shower and pass the fuck out. See ya.


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