One Hundred Forty Nine

Fuuucckkkk, you guys. I feel FAAATTT! Got all ready for Zumba today, I was looking forward to getting my sweat on… get to the gym and there are no classes today because of Memorial Day. DAMMMMMMMIITT. I was so pissed. You can’t just prepare to do Zumba and then feel just as pumped when you have to do a regular hard, boring work out instead. And I didn’t bring my headphones and there’s no way I’m running in silence. Fuck dat. But we did arms. That’s 6 freakin days with out working out. UGGHH. I know I’m gaining weight this week. I am just going to accept that now. My diet has been good, but not working out all week is fuckin stupid. So, that sucks. Other than that today was good. I woke up at 1pm, went and got ready to go run errands, walked around the mall for a couple hours pretending like I could afford things, went to get yogurt, and came back home and made some bomb dinner. I want Cold Stone so bad right now. MMMMM. That would be amazing. Or tiramisu… or tapioca pudding… or a York Peppermint Patty. OR a tapioca tiramisu patty. Allrriigghhhtt that’s all I got. I’m off to clean. PEACE.


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