One Hundred Forty Eight

Ooohhh Sunday night. It’s always the best. Mostly because I don’t work on Mondays! Yeuuuss. Sleeeeeepp sleeepppp sleep sleeep sleep. Tomorrow we are going back to the gym. Holy crap thank baby Jesus. I feel so fuckin fat. Like.. it’s a problem. I look fat.. I feel like I look fat… soo much fat. Today was a terrible day for food, too. Oh man. I suck. I really hope I didn’t gain weight this week. I am not very confident in that hope though. UGH. Oh well. I guess it was nice to not have to work out for a few days. Anyway, the point is that I feel super gross and I’m ready to feel almost alright half of the time again. I wanted to go get wasted so badly tonight. But no one came through with any plans. In 3 weeks that won’t be an issue ever again! I can just go to a bar with someone and have fun! I won’t have to specifically find a stupid Bakersfield house party. Faaaantastic. I want to watch the new episode of Metalocalypse, but I also want to take a shower and go the fuck to sleep. Work was long and stupid. I thought it was never going to end. But it did! Time for Family Guy and pure laziness. Awwww yeah.


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