One Hundred Forty Seven

Well today was way too long. My period has officially pillaged my entire existence. I really thought my lower back was just gonna cave in on itself at work tonight. Fuuaacckkk it hurt so much, of course the entire time. Also cramps, head ache.. all that shit. I think we have already gone over the emotional effects it’s having. BUT it’s almost over. Same with my work week,… saammee with the gym hiatus. Yay. I wanted to get home early and go to bed because I was so freakin tired today after only getting a couple hours of sleep, and somehow it’s 11 o’clock. I gotta be up at 6. What. The. Shit. Tomorrow should be nice and stressful. I won’t go into details… but I’m pretty positive when that clock hits 4pm I might cry a little. Actually, seeming as how my emotional stability is about as secure as a Brittany Spears’s relationship with her father, I will definitely cry. Monday is gonna be an awesome day of sleep and nothing and food and Zumba. Fuck yeah. ‘Til then though… shit pretty much sucks. I’m out.


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