One Hundred Forty Four

Hi everyone! If I seem cockier, taller, and over all more awesome in my picture today it’s becaussee… I am. I lost 2 pounds this week :). HOORRAAAYYYY!!! Can I get a fuck yay? Fuck yay. That puts me at 164.1 pounds. That’s in the lower 160’s! So close to the 150’s! So far I have lost 33.7 pounds so that means only 6.3 pounds away from 40. I might reach my goal before my birthday after all. But being super serious I would have burnt this shit hole of a town to the ground if I would have gained weight again. It would have been on a shoot to kill level. But that didn’t happeennn :D. Today was also nice because my schedule got changed at work so now I don’t have to wake up early tomorrow. I think everyone can agree that sleep is the best reward. My period starts tomorrow. I can already tell it’s going to be a mother fuckin doozey. Ready to go to hell and back everyone? Don’t think I’m not taking you guys down with me. When Satan hand delivers a gift such as this, it’s just rude to not share it’s wrath with as many people as possible. Naw, I’m kidding… except I’m really not. I want it to be my birthday already! I’m so excited! Road trip, summer dress, feeling pretty, wine tasting, sunshine, beach, carbs!! It’s everything I want in life. You guys probably don’t realize this, but this will be the first time I can wear beach appropriate clothing to the beach in my whole life. I’m not talking about a bikini or anything crazy like that, but a pretty sleeveless summer dress with a cute floppy sun hat… that’s amazing. As a fat girl, there was nothing more that I wanted than to be able to look pretty at the beach. I hated going to the beach. Not because I hate the beach, but because I hated being myself at the beach. The thin girls with the pretty hair and cute summer clothes, with out even knowing it, made me want to die. Just lay down in my ugly fat and die. But not this time. I. Cannot. Wait. For the first time I am going to be semi-beach worthy. I’d like to get down to bikini skinny, but one step at a time. Alllssoooo, since it’s going to be just me and a certain boy it is extra important that I look and feel fuckin awesome. Annyywwaaayyyy, gym sometime tomorrow and work tomorrow night. I’m fuckin out, y’all.


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