One Hundred Forty Three

Lazy lazy day! So great. Woke up at noooooon again. Didn’t go to the gym. Made a bomb salad for lunch. Fuck yeah. I have to go to work which is lame, but oh well. It should be a relatively painless night. Season finale of Glee! Woopwoop. Now all of my shows are over besides Metalocalypse and that’s only 15 glorious minutes a week. I was going to go to the gym today. I really was. But after sleeping in forever and lazying around, I just decided that I really didn’t feel like it in a very Office Space-y manner. If you’re not sure what I’m referencing then you seriously suck a little.  Anyway, since I have resisted my insane cravings for the past 5 days, I thought I deserved to have another easy day. I’m sure I’ll hate myself for this decision tomorrow when I have to weight myself. But…. fuckin…. fuck it. I have plans for my birfday now!! A friend and I are going for an overnighter to Pismo. 🙂 It’s going to be fun. I’m excited. I love Pismo. It’s the place where everyone from Bakersfield goes to get away. It’s affectionately referred to as “Bakersfield by the Sea”. I’ve been going there to get my beach fix since before I could walk. It will always have a special place in my heart. So, I think it’s a completely appropriate location for my 21st birthday. I just want to have a super relaxing, laid back, sunny day doing goofy shit. And getting totally wasted then running around on the beach all night of course. Also Splaasshh Caffeeeee ooohh yeessssss. If you’ve never experienced Splash Cafe’s clam chowder in a bread bowl… you seriously have missed out on one of the most amazing things you’ll ever eat. I don’t even like clam chowder. That’s the level this shit is on. Yay for something to look forward to. Do I think I will be at my 40 pound goal? Mmm, no. But maybe? I’m just going to lose as much as I can by then and have a good time no matter what. I gotta open at Yogurtland tomorrow. Laaammeee for having to wake up early. OH well!!!! Time to go. See ya.


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