One Hundred Forty Two


Well Laundry day has forced me to revert back to seventh grade style. Rockin the Marilyn Manson band tee for the win! Anyway. Like I said, did laundry today. It’s done, not put away, but clean at least. I should clean and crap, but right now I just wanna veg out on the couch with my icy hot patch on. Zumba at 6:30! Thank god. I need to work out so bad. Sleeping in was soooo gooooood this morning. Woke up at noon like a champ. I don’t mean to sound like a broken record, but holy balls I am SO hungry for awful food. I am always hungry, but usually I can think of a certain dish I cook for myself and want that. All of the stuff I usually eat sounds fuckin lame. I want bad food. Food that has bread and cheese and sauce and rice and fat. It’s been kind of overwhelming lately. I’m drinking a crap ton of water because I thought I was dehydrated, but it hasn’t subsided. I waannnttt chocolate soooooo baaaddd. Hmph. Now that I’m avoiding dairy for a few days I don’t have any wiggle room with sweets. I guess I could go to a frozen yogurt place that has a dairy free option… but that’s gay! Naw, it’s better than nothing I guess. I just think after giving up EVERYTHING for a hypoglycemic friendly diet I deserve freakin dairy. Ugh. Oh wellllll. I’m off to make some food before Zumba. Woopwoop!


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