One Hundred Thirty Six

Ugh the gym kind of kicked my ass. Can you tell? Running up hill is a bitch! But since I ate like an asshole for an entire day this week I need it. Gotta weigh myself tomorrow! Shiiiiit. Oh well. Can’t change any of it now. Double episode of Glee tonight! Woop. After work. Boooo. I don’t want to do anything. Even doing this entry is exerting more energy than I’d like. I want pizza or a burger or a burrito SO bad! Every ounce of me wanted Taco Bell for breakfast. Now Pizza Hut and/or Jack in The Box sounds fuckin too bomb. Yeah I said “and/or”… as in possibly both. Fuck you. I can’t have any amount of either of them anyway. 😦 Yay chicken breast? Yeah I guess. I really need to go grocery shopping. I have procrastinated about it like crazy. I seriously have no veggies, fruit, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, nuts, lemon juice, avocados… it’s really bummin me out. That will have to happen tomorrow. Along with laundry. UGH LAUNDRY. Now that mom is gone I am going to have to go the laundry mat. I hate it. I mostly hate paying money to do freakin laundry. And waiting. And awkwardly existing around other “laundry mat” people. And being too afraid to leave my clothes there. And then still having to transport my clothes back  home and putting them away. It’s like a fuckin all day thing. It’s all Moma Tosca’s fault. My clothes I wear for them are really the only clothes that need to be washed every week. Alright, I need to go cook my stupid chicken. PEACE.


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