One Hundred Thirty Five

Ole! Damn I need a hair cut, my ends are so dead. Anyway, today was good. I got a new phone! I love it, I named it Beverly. It’s a Samsung Galaxy II S. It’s the first smart phone I’ve ever had. I am pretty pumped about it. I am going to check in EVERYWHERE! Today was mom’s last day here. She ships off to NorCal in the morning. It’s going to be a little odd knowing that I’m going to be the only one left here in Bakersfield. I have a lot of family here, but none that I ever see. Maybe I see them like once or twice a year and I never communicate with them in between that. But I am glad she is leaving. She belongs in the wilderness with her dogs. She’ll be happier. Ugh, I am so nervous about weigh in Wednesday. I didn’t think I was going to lose a big number because I lost 4 pounds last week, but I am pretty certain I’m not going to lose any weight this week now. Lets just say my diet has been less than strict. Especially on Mother’s Day. Oh boy. I guess workouts haven’t been too bad. We didn’t do our 3 miles yesterday, but we introduced incline to our running circuits and we went to Zumba tonight, so we will see. I had a really good esteem day today though. These last couple weeks have been really odd when it comes to how I feel about myself. Whether I hate myself or am completely in love with myself changes daily. I am starting to see dramatic improvement in the things that I was most concerned about though. Like my arms. They’re so… average sized now. 🙂 I almost like them. Not a lot of difference in my calves, but maybe the running outside and the incline will help with those. Weeelllllllllll writing this has taken long enough for Beverly to charge so I can continue to play scramble with friends now… so, I’m gonna go do that constantly until I’m burned out on it. BYE (Play games with me XD)


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