One Hundred Thirty Three

I am so glad today is over. It was a long day. Not a bad day, just very loonnngg. After work tomorrow it’s finally Mother’s Day/Riannon gets to eat awesome food day! So pumped. I’m apparently also getting some cool shit. My mom told me to come over around 10am on Monday and we are going to go to the AT&T store (YES new phone) and then she has a surprise place we are going. Then she’s off to start her mountain life in NorCal early Tuesday morning. I’m glad she’s finally getting out of here, she deserves it. I felt fat and pretty ugly for most of the day. Whatever. I’m kind of over it in a way. I guess I’ll never feel good about how I look, or at least not most of the time. KAAAAYYY, fuck it. I’m exhausted and I still have to write my mom her letter ( yeah, don’t ask). I’m going to go do that. Goooood night.


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