One Hundred Thirty Two

I just got back from round 2 of running on the bike path. Just check out how good I look up there ^. Aww yeah. Anyway, it went much better than last time. Like… approximately 92746297452983741183742 times better. It wasn’t pretty and it wasn’t fast, but I didn’t stop to walk the whole time both ways. So, fuck yeah. We did stop at Yogurtland half way (because they have free water), and I got  yogurt because it sounded cold and awesome and it was, but never again. Oh man I still feel sick after running because I ate yogurt before hand. I definitely feel like I worked the fuck out, though. All of my muscles hurt and it was HOT. Oh man. It zapped my energy. It also zapped my appetite. I know I should eat before work, but food sounds super gross. I still feel like I could throw up if I really wanted to. We’ll see what happens. It’s payday! Schweet. I haven’t been able to remember what day it is all week. Everyday I wake up thinking it’s a different day. Whatever. As long as I get money on one of those days. I’m starting to feel more comfortable running the AC. My PG&E bill was $18.00 this month. Oh noooo, so expensive. Right. So I’m not going to suffer in my hot ass apartment if I don’t have to anymore. Not running the AC once in a while just isn’t an option in Bakersfield. UGH I have to start getting my shit together for work. Pooooooooop. Everyone have a good night!


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