One Hundred Thirty One

Oh man, my midnight meals have come a long way in six months. I’m not going to pretend that I didn’t want a giant burger smothered in BBQ sauce with onions rings and ranch, but I’m not lying when I say I also wanted some lemony cayenne kale chips. I obviously went with the kale chips. They’re delicious. Today was a loonnnnnngggg day. Both jobs back to back and then the gym. I fuckin rocked it on the treadmill tonight though. I am glad the day is over. I get to sleep in tomorrow, but at 12:30 it’s round 2 of running on actual ground. I’m just going to go with the mentality that at least it won’t be worse than last time. It can only go up from crying out of frustration in public while trying to run with your friend at the same time and then ultimately being depressed for the next two days, right? Right. Sunday is Mother’s Day which means it’s Riannon gets to eat delicious food day! Yeessss. So pumped. Except that I have to work tomorrow night and then for 13 hours plus the gym on Saturday and then work 8 more hours on Sunday before I get to eat said delicious food, but whatever. I’ll be excited for a full 42 hours about it! Well I’m all out of kale chips, so I think we all know what that means? Staying awake is completely pointless and sleep is simply an excuse to avoid the tortures of being awake until tomorrow… when I can make more kale chips.


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