One Hundred Twenty Five

Ugh today was kind of annoying. First off, I slept naked, so obviously I woke up naked. I like to sleep with my blinds open so the sun can come in and my bed is right under my window. I’m on the second floor so I never worry about being seen or anything. So I’m half asleep and I hear all of this noise outside and I ignore it because weird shit always happens here, it’s the ghetto. So I go back to sleep. I wake up later and lay around for a while, I check facebook and my e-mail, all still naked. So then I get up and walk around for a minute and then I look out of my window and there is a ladder out side of it. I guess people were working on the roof anndd I guess someone got to see a whole lot of Riannon. So that was an interesting way to start off the day. Then I had a semi-easy day planned out of just gym, Moma’s, and then grocery shopping (PAYDAY!!). Yeah it didn’t happen like that. Around 11am I get a call from the Bakersfield Yogurtland asking me to come in ASAP until 2:30-3 to help because they were way behind because of Relay For Life. So I did and it was lame. I did a fuck ton of prep. So after I left there I went grocery shopping since that took up the time I was going to go to the gym anyway. So by the time I get home with groceries I have less than an hour to put stuff away, cook food, eat the food, clean the kitchen, and then get ready for Moma’s. So I do all of that shit. Work was lame like always. Then we headed to the gym afterwards and ended up just sitting in the big room for classes and talking shit for like an hour and half. So I didn’t work out today and I have a really busy insane weekend ahead of me. I went over it yesterday, but basically I work like 18 hours tomorrow all together and then have to be at Yogurtland early to open again on Sunday and then go to the gym later that day and run 3 miles. After my run in with reality the other day on the bike path, I’m not even sure I’ll be able to finish the three miles, even though I’ve already done it. I feel pretty physically and mentally exhausted. I’m willing to bet money that I won’t feel any more up to it after two straight days of continuous work either. On the bright side I got a coffee maker finally! I bought all of the needed coffee supplies today. Ya know, like coffee. So at least I’ll have that to help me out. I should make food for tomorrow, but honestly I don’t really give a fuck right now. I’m tired and I want to go to bed. Monday will be glorious. Daaayy ooffffffff. My entry for tomorrow might be like a couple sentences written at 1am or something so, bare with me. It might read something like, “I’m fucking tired and I hate you.” Just a guess, I’m no psychic. Only an 18 hour day will tell.


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