One Hundred Twenty Three

Yeah I lost 2.2 pounds. And what?? I made this week my bitch. I guess technically I only lost 1.2 pounds since I gained a pound last week, but whatever. Fuck you. I’m in the solid 160’s now. I’m pretty pleased with it. The one thing that I have noticed is that I have 7 weeks until my birthday and that’s when I wanted to be at my 40 pound goal. I only have 10 pounds left, so it shouldn’t be a problem right? Well, in the last 7 weeks I have only lost 5.2 pounds. So obviously in order for me to get to my goal in time I am going to have to work twice as hard over the next 2 months. Since Sunday’s have become 5K days, Wednesdays are supposed to be the official day off from the gym, but I kind of want to go tonight. I’m undecided about it. I just want to lose so much weight! I want to be uber ready for this 5K. I am worried I won’t have as much fun if I’m struggling to run the whole thing. I’m sure training will help. We are also practicing on actual ground now. Running on Earth and running on a treadmill are different. I think running on actual ground is going to be harder. Either tomorrow or Friday we are running a mile and half on the bike path. UGH. It’s going to be hot. Annndd it’s prolly gonna suck. Ohmygawd it’s almost Friday. I need to get paid like… yesterday. BUT I am taking my mom to The Macaroni Grill for mother’s day in a couple weeks. That’s always been her favorite place here in town, so… woop! By then I will hopefully have money to treat my mom to something semi-nice. If not I’ll just take it out of my depressing “savings”. I try to never take money out of there because I am afraid that the one day I will be in dire need of it, it won’t be enough. I wish I could give my mom more, but right now this is really all I can do. Ok, the computer being on my lap is making me super hot and gross because it’s already hot in here and I don’t want to use the AC. So I’m out! Peace.


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