One Hundred Twenty Two

Welp, I survived another day. Barely. It wasn’t a bad day or a good day. Just a normal, boring day. I rocked out a mile and half in 13 minutes!! FUCK YEAH. I am so excited to be awesome at running once the 5K is over. Then I can get even better! AAAHHH. It’s kind of amazing how much I have progressed in running. Sometimes it makes me feel really proud of myself. Ugh tomorrow is weigh in day. I’m nervous because I want some results. Some good results. Not like.. .4 pounds or .6 pounds. I want like 2 or 3 pounds gone. I’m sick of not making any good progress. I’m really counting on this 5K training to get around 10 pounds off of me. Then I’ll be at my original 40 pound goal!! Fuckin… took long enough. I wanted to be there by now, but oh well. You can’t control everything. Tonight’s the season finale of The Biggest Loser. I am pumped and sad. It’ll be back soon though because they have like two giant seasons a year. Tomorrow is going to be a long day. I’m not going to get much sleep, like always. Oh well! Gotta get some thug shit done y’all. Doin it big! I’m on my way to being kind of a bad ass. Just sayin.


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