One Hundred Nineteen

Well today was delicious, to say the least. Went to the Greek Food Festival and it was really nice. The weather was bomb, the food was hella bomb, and I got a little bit of color. I didn’t tan of course, but a little bit of pink is better than a whole bunch of pale. I ate SO much food. It was awesome. Basically anything that involved or was wrapped in dough I ate. I guess it could be confusing how I go from being sad over gaining a pound back (which I lost again by the way :)) to eating deep fried donut holes all in the same week. But we have been  planning to go to this and eat for weeks now. And I do believe in indulging when it’s appropriate. I think it’s important for success. If you don’t go a little crazy once in a while and get it out of your system then it’s just going to build up until you fuckin snap and ultimately fail, especially when it comes to weight loss. I wore my dress. Let me tell you, I wasn’t going to after I put it on this morning, but I bucked up and did it anyway. It was alright. I didn’t feel sad or bad, but I didn’t feel awesome either. As long as I don’t feel like I would rather die than continue to be in whatever I’m wearing, I count that as a win. My arms looked big and my legs looked big, but that’s OK. They won’t be that way forever. The gym is going to be fun tonight! Oh boy. We get to increase our running circuits to 2.5 minutes. I’m excited and completely dreading it all at the same time. The first time doing a circuit after the running time gets increased is always the hardest. But it also means progress is happening! This 5K is going to be looming over my head for the next couple of months. I am freakin determined to do it though and have a fun ass time and not die in the process. UGH I have to go get ready for work :(. Do not want. I gotta be at Yogurtland all day tomorrow. Also do not want. But I have like 15 bucks to my name right now, so money definitely needs to be made. BYE.


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