One Hundred Fourteen

Damn it’s hot, and it’s not even THAT hot yet. It’s supposed to rain on Thursday, so i don’t know what the fuck is going on. My dumb phone isn’t keeping any battery life. It dies like every two hours! I need a new phone all together, but I think I could find a cheap new battery on amazon if anything else. Today has been pretty chill so far though. Woke up at 11, then hung out for a while, then went to get yogurt and go to the park with a friend. We made a new squirrel friend. My friend took a picture, but I hate my face in it, so that’s not going on facebook. I keep going back and forth from just wanting to be as healthy as possible and eating good whole food and letting my body just naturally be where it wants to be, to wanting to be skinny as fuck. Sometimes I feel good and feel like I could just continue to exercise and eat well and be happy with however my body ends up, but then sometimes I hate that idea and still want to get skinny as fuck regardless of how I get there. Like right now, I am still not comfortable in shorts and even though it worked out the other day, wearing sleeveless shirts is still an insecurity for me. Who knows what will happen? I will probably just keep doing what I’m doing and go from there. I hate how quickly this day is going by!! It’s my day off and I haven’t had one in a while. I wish I was at a point where I could afford to head to the coast for the day or something. Hopefully soon. Hopefully soon I’ll be able to afford to go to the beach and I’ll be able to where beach appropriate clothing with out wanting to die on the inside. And be able to afford beach appropriate clothing? Fuck. I’m off to attempt to glaze some almonds. I’m gonna eat them no matter how they turn out though… becaaauussee… who’s going to say no to almonds? Probably North Koreans, and we all know North Korea is bad Korea.


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