One Hundred Thirteen

Holy crap I just woke up. I did only get a few hours of sleep last night and had kind of a crazy day. Yogurtland was crazy. But now it’s over, so, fuck that noise. I had to turn on my AC tonight. Like, I seriously sweated my ass off in my underwear here in my apartment from 5pm-10pm. Granted for the last three hours I have been asleep, but I only slept to wake up after it had been dark for a while, thus my apartment would be cooler. WRONG. I finally checked the thermostat, and it was literally the highest it could go. Past 90 degrees. So it was definitely over 90 degrees in here at 10 O’clock at night!! Ummm, THAT FUCKING SUCKS. I’m going to have to get a fan or something. I am not trying to sit here all summer with the AC on. That shit costs money. Maybe sweating so much all the time will help me lose weight. Well, now I am awake and bored. Finding something to do is going to be quite the challenge though. Seeming as how it’s 10:30 pm on a Sunday night. Tomorrow is my day off and I’m fucking pumped. I can’t wait to just not give a shit, for an entire day. Except for Zumba, but that’s more of good time than anything. Well I’m off to eat some mudda fuggin food and probably go sit at a different house with the same people I’ve been hanging with for the last 6 years. BYE. 🙂


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