One Hundred Twelve

You guys!! Today has been awesome!! First off I ventured out to do some errands in a tank. Sleeveless!!! I was nervoouuusss, but it went great. I felt great. THEN I randomly decided to go try on some pants, because I was in the mall already anyway, and uuhhhh, guess what size I am? 10. I am a size 10. I was a size 14 the last time I bought pants. That’s one size before single digit pant sizes. Holy crrraaaaaappp. It’s so good feeling. I feel so newly motivated. I want to be smaller. Of course my arms aren’t where I want them or my legs or blah blah blah, but just not breaking down in tears because I feel so ugly in a sleeveless shirt was such a big step. It makes me feel like I will get exactly where I want to be. I really wish I could buy new clothes though. Ohmygawd I wanted to buy stuff so badly today. Maxi dresses, jeans, tanks, shoes. I didn’t though. I can’t afford it right now, but maybe by the summer time I will be able to. Speaking of summer, holy shit it’s hot in my apartment. Like… I’m sweaty right now… doing nothing. I think getting a fan is in order. I got to get ready for work! Everyone have a good ddaaaayyy!!!!


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