One Hundred Nine

I finally made it to the gym this morning! I didn’t go last night after work. But I went today and did some work. Woop woop! I lost .4 pounds this week. That would suck on a regular week, but since I didn’t go to the gym for like 8 fuckin days I’m not too disappointed. I have to make food for tomorrow though. I open at Yogurtland and then have Moma’s after and I can’t afford the calories or the cash to eat somewhere. For some reason, laundry just totally went over my head this week, so if I wash it now it’ll totally change my laundry routine, so I’m just gonna wait an extra few days so it can stay on track. And I really don’t feel like doing it. Being in the 160’s is seeming bigger and bigger. Like, it’s small compared to where I was, but it’s still pretty heavy. I had a weird little dream this morning where I was looking at a scale and it said 139. Maybe it’s a premonition? Who knows, but it made being the 160’s seem big. Well I know I’m too hungry if I’m craving fried chicken, because I don’t even like fried chicken. So I should go make food before I cross over into “oh shit I waited too long to eat and now I’m dying” stage. Stay sweet.


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