One Hundred Five

Well today was relatively painless. I took a sleeping pill last night, because I had to open at Yogurtland and I wanted a decent amount of sleep. It definitely put me to sleep, I slept all the way through my alarms! YAY. It wasn’t that bad actually because I still woke up close to on time, but it could have been bad. Both jobs went by quickly and smoothly. My appetite is still being weird. I wasn’t very hungry all day. I had some greek yogurt and almonds for breakfast, then I didn’t feel hungry at all while I was at Yogurtland, but I had a yogurt while on my break around 1, I was tired and wasn’t very hungry when I got home so I didn’t eat before Moma’s, and then I fuckin died around 8. Holy shit my blood sugar was low. It was dumb of me to not eat, but I didn’t feel hungry. Just not dead and then dead. I went to Chipotle after work so I’m alright now, but man it hasn’t been that low in a while. Maybe I’ll drop some mad poundage this week? No, probably not. Monday my gym routine AND my food routine will be back on track. Enough of this sick shit. I’m over it. Tomorrow mom is coming over and I’m going to make lunch while she fixes some tax stuff for my FAFSA. Also, I have Aladdin in my DVR!!! Waiting for me. I’m pretty excited to watch it, because imma, ya know, 20 5 years old. PEACE.


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