One Hundred Four

Oh man, I am in love with this rain. It fits perfectly with a lazy Friday the 13th. I am super hungry, but not for anything I have here at the house, or anything that I can even eat. I want pizza. I just wanna order a big cheese pizza and some soda. Or maybe a chocolate croissant and a vanilla latte. All of that sounds amazing. I haven’t been to the gym in 7 days. I was sick and then the last two days I just don’t have any energy. I know that’s a shitty excuse, but… I really just don’t feel like going. I’m exhausted. I’m still a little sick and I would be SO pissed if I went to work out and then I got sick again because I wasn’t 100% better before. But since I haven’t had much of an appetite lately I’m not too worried about my weight. So, I think I decided yesterday that I am going to try and get back into working with animals. Whether it’s at a dog day care or at an equestrian center. I mean, I say “try” because I don’t know if there are any here in town that are hiring or whatever. I’m definitely going to look into it. I think working with people for too long damages my soul. I need animals. I also need some coffee, but I don’t have a coffee maker and I don’t want to leave the house. Soooo, that’s super lame. I’m gonna go not eat pizza and croissants. :/


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