One Hundred Two

Oh man, today was supposed to be so simple. Laundry, some cleaning, go to work. But of course that didn’t happen. I took my laundry to the laundry room and loaded up both of the washers with clothes and detergent. These washers have those tray like money dispensers. The ones where you put the quarters in the little row of slots and then push the tray in and pull it out. Like those fun sticker machines at FoodMaxx. Anyway, I put the quarters in and I started one, then went to start the other one and it went half way in and got stuck. It wouldn’t budge. So I hit the thing a few times, tried to force it back and froth, and a lot of other crazy person things. So after calmly examining the situation, I realized that it was one quarter that was kind of crammed in there and wouldn’t jiggle, so I was like… if I get that quarter unstuck I will be victorious. So with a well placed bobby pin I got it unstuck! And I got my quarters out, so since I fixed it I put them all in again, very carefully, and then went to start it aanndd it happened again. I got my quarters out again and gave up. I just accepted I would have to do each load at a different time. My first load finishes and I transfer them over to the dryer. I go to start it and it’s not accepting any money either. I put my clothes in the other dryer and guess what?? Doesn’t work either. So I kind of lose my shit in the privacy of the laundry room for a few minutes. And just decided that I’m just gonna wash my other load and then take the wet clothes to the laundry mat and dry them. Luggin around a basket of wet clothes was extremely hard, because it weighed like 500 pounds, but whatever. It’s fuckin done now. Lets talk about weight! I lost 1.6 pounds this week, which puts me exactly at 169 pounds! It’s a little bitter sweet I suppose, because when I started 3 months ago, being in the 160’s seemed unbelievable. I couldn’t even imagine what it’d be like or what I would look like, but I knew I would find out sooner or later. Now, I know it’s 169, so it’s just barely into the 160’s, but I honestly thought I would look smaller then I do now. But I didn’t really have an accurate portrayal of how I would look at any weight, so I should just be happy I’m finally here. I’m hoping these next few weeks I lose a good amount of weight, like 5 or 6 pounds. 1.6 pounds is much more than the amount of weight I have been losing each week for the last month or so. Hopefully that means some sort of plateau has broken and I’ll lose some good numbers. Only 11.2 pounds to go until I get to my initial goal of 40 pounds. Whoop whoop! Alright, I need t go make food before I pass out. Stay real, niggas.


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