One Hundred (!)

CRAP! What a messed up day. I was kind of sick last night, but today I was messseeddd up. Holy balls I was so sick. I was super congested, lungs were on fire, headache, I was exhausted, I had a fever, I was having crazy muscle pains, and my kidneys felt like they were going to explode out of my body. I was so weak. I could barely put my hair up with out getting out of breath. I had to go to work from 8:30-4, so I wanted to call out, but I didn’t because I didn’t want to be an asshole and call out like an hour before I was supposed to open. So I sucked it up and went. It just got worse and worse. I texted everyone, even people from the other store, and no one could come and cover for me. It was so terrible. So I didn’t really any other choice but to stay for my whole shift. I kept getting these crazy pains and cramps in my back and those combined with the continuous kidney pain was enough to make anyone miserable, not to mention all of the other things I was dealing with. I had a chair off to the side that I would sit down in when there weren’t any customers in the store, and for the last like 4 hours, every time I would be ringing up the last person, another group of people would walk in. I almost cried every time. I was in so much pain, all I wanted was to sit down. Moral of the story, it was super shitty. I finally got off at 4. I couldn’t believe I was alive. I got a Gatorade on the way home, took a bath, and slept for like 4 hours. I didn’t have any appetite all day so I forced myself to eat some food a little bit ago. Since I couldn’t work out today, and I’m not working out tomorrow, weigh in Wednesday should be interesting. I don’t know if I’ll lose any weight, or maybe I will because I’ve barely eaten today and probably won’t be much better tomorrow. I was supposed to get the energy up to make it to Target tonight, yeah that didn’t happen. Hopefully tomorrow I can get errands done. I’m going to continue to veg out in my own little quarantined area of death.


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