Ninety Nine

Happy Easter! YAY. My picture isn’t half bad is it? I bring it up because I took it 10 hours ago after sleeping for three hours and having to get ready for Easter still drunk. Mom would be so proud. Aside from the sleep deprivation and extreme dehydration, Easter was nice. Went up the hill and had brunch with the grandparents at the country club. I ate WAY too much and wanted to sleep so bad. I hung in there until I got home at about 2, barely. I got home, got naked, and went to sleep. I was abruptly woken by building shaking Mexican rap music that was on for an hour, so I gave up and got up. It suddenly stopped so I am assuming they all passed out, someone else went over there and killed them, or the cops showed up. I’m fine with all of the above. I’m sick. 😦 I think from getting drunk last night. I have a super deep cough in my lungs and it buurrrnnnsss, oh man does it burn. So THAT sucks. But I’m all Sudafeded up so hopefully that helps. I’m so glad I was smart enough to request today off. I would have died. Fuck going to work all “party last night”ed out. There’s nothing worse than that. I suppose I should address yesterday’s blog. I do feel better today. I would almost apologize for such a weak moment, because that’s how I am, but I really was feeling hopeless and terrible. So, I won’t, but I still have some issues that pertain to feeling obnoxious when I open up like that to work on. I pretty much just chillin for the rest of the day. Thanks you again to my friends who helped me get home last night and I hope everyone had a good holiday!


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