Ninety Three

Today was awesome. I slept in, I did laundry, I made an aammmaaziinngg dinner, I took a nap, I went to Zumba, and now I’m watching South Park. I have my first boot camp class in the morning. I am less then excited. In fact, I’m kind of terrified. I really don’t want how unfit I actually am to be thrown in my face for an hour. But oh well!! Maybe I’ll love it and it will lead me to being all hardcore and shit. That would be sweet. Zumba tonight was really good. I am definitely going to be sore tomorrow, but it’s not like it matters, because I’m going to be WRECKED after boot camp anyway. Everyone I talked to said that after the first time they took the class they had to take 3 or 4 days off because they were so sore. I can’t take that many days off, so I guess I’ll just have to fight through the pain and work out all week anyway. I really need to lose a good number this week! Hopefully 2 or 3 pounds. I would be thrilled with that, but we will see. I was thinking yesterday about how even though I haven’t particularly been on my “A” game the last couple weeks, that I could be not losing good numbers each week because I am getting smaller and it is going to be much harder to lose pounds, but today I was reading an article about what sizes celebrities are (I knooowwww that they aren’t real people and blah blah blah bitch) and a lot of celebrities that I consider pretty normal size are still much smaller than I am. And it’s not like I was reading an article that had Jennifer Aniston in it or anything, these were people like Adele and Khloe Kardashian {“celebrity” is a lose word apparently these days}. The point is that these were women that I looked at and found their images very attainable, not totally crazy like Megan Fox or some shit. Khloe Kardashian, who is fat for a famous girl, but smokin for a normal girl, is 5’9″ and 150 pounds. I am 5’6″ and 172 pounds, Yeah that’s a big difference. I didn’t think that I was close to being done with my weight loss or anything. but it’s interesting to have it put into perspective like that. It makes me realize that I can’t start slacking, I am not at my goal weight, and I need to keep pushing myself so I can keep improving. With that said am going to eat some greek yogurt and veg out until I get to go get my ass kicked in the morning. Wish me luck!


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