Ninety One

Job interview, Easter, dogs, work, gym! How could an interviewer say no so hair like that? I got this shit in the bag. I hope it goes super duper well because like I said, I need this job. I paid rent today and now I’m suuppeerrr broke. UGH. I really don’t want to go to work the next few days, I just wanna lounge around. But oh well. I definitely need to make money anyway! I hope there’s lamb at Easter today. I knoooowww I KNOW! Cute baby sheep that are treated evilly and brutally slaughtered for our disgusting gluttonous pleasures. BUT sometimes, it’s extremely fucking delicious. And it’s Easter, so I’m eating adorable lambs for Jesus. I bet there will be pie!!! ooohh pie. Once again, eating pie for Jesus. No shame today! I need the simple things to get me through the crazy. I’m not sure if anyone at Easter will notice that I have lost weight. Hopefully, but I’m going to expect it. I only see these people a couple times a year so I don’t think they see me enough for my weight loss to be that noticeable. I’m really just going for the food. The gym is going to be a battle tonight. I can already feel it. I’m off to my interview!!! YEUH.


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