Eighty Eight

Super lazy day so far. Started off with eggs, then got ready and dropped off my resume at Eureka Burger, then coffee, then some yogurt, and now I am straight chillin in front of the boob tube. No work today, the only obligation I have is to go to the gym at some point. So, before I talk about Eureka Burger, I feel the need to address the “all of my clothes are too big” problem… again. Take a look at my shirt. It’s SO fucking big! There was a point where I would not even wear this shirt because it was too tight and I thought I looked liked a stuffed sausage. I have always loved the wrapped top, and when the rest of the shirt was tighter the top always looked really nice. But now that the entire shirt is baggy {except in the arms of course!! >:-/} the top just looks sloppy, the whole shirt looks sloppy. I feel like my clothes being baggy are making me look big again. If you notice the right side of the pic, where my hand is resting on my hip, where the shirt hits my hand on the top is significantly different then where the shirt leaves my hand on the bottom. That’s all shirt!! It looks ridiculous, but I can’t really do anything about it. Anyway, this used to be one of my favorite shirts, now it looks retarded. EUREKA BURGER! So I dropped off my resume this morning. The GM wasn’t there so I left it with the owner or someone. One of the important people. I’ve never really heard of Eureka Burger, but after looking it up I would be extremely excited to work there. It’s basically bomb ass burgers and tacos and beer. It’s SO awesome. The menu is amazing, I would order pretty much everything on the menu, if I could eat any of it. It’s not open yet so I would be able to properly put in my two weeks for Yogurtland and everything. Hopefully if they do hire me I will be a server, that’s what I told then I was looking for. I should be getting a phone call sometime tomorrow about whether they want me to come in for an interview or not. I really need this!! This new opportunity would really uplift my spirits. My calves are really bumming me out lately. They’re like tree trunks! I don’t know how it is that they haven’t gotten any smaller in the last few months. And I know they haven’t gotten any smaller because I have these riding boots that I ordered online over a year ago. And I love them, but I haven’t ever been able to wear them because they never went over my calves. There was just no way I could squeeze my meaty leg into that boot. So I have just kept them as one of my “some day when I’m skinny” items. So after like a month of working out, I tried to put them on and it was a no-go, like always. Well I thought about it a couple days ago and thought that there HAD to be some improvement. Nope. Not even a tiny bit. Same as it was 3 months ago, 6 months ago, a year and a half ago. I guess the only answer is to specifically focus on them for the next few weeks and see if there is any improvement. Well, I have managed to get this far in this entry with out talking about how much weight I lost this week. Go me. But I don’t have anything else to stall with so, here we go. I lost .6 pounds this week. It’s not great, or even good, or even alright, but at least it’s down. The part of me that has become weight loss obsessed is really clashing with my extreme apathy as of late. I don’t know if I am bummed or accepting or positive or pessimistic… I don’t really feel anything towards it. Maybe this week will be better, but I have an early family Easter get together on Saturday and there will be food. A lot of it, so we will see how that goes. I do love Easter though!!! I’ll enjoy it regardless of the “food guilt”. Speaking of food, I need to eat. I can feel myself fading fast.


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