Eighty Four

Ok, so I kind of have a problem. None of my clothes fit me! Now, I am not complaining exactly because it’s a relatively good problem to have, but I am complaining because I have no money to buy new clothes. My jeans fall of me as I walk, my work pants are 4 sizes too big, my work out pants fall off as I run.. or jump rope.. or do lunges… or do anything, all of my shirts are like trash bags on me except for a few t-shirts, and it’s really bummin me out. I’m lucky I bought new bras when I did or I would be shit out of luck right now. Even shirts that fit a couple of weeks ago are so much baggier now, I am not really sure why because I haven’t lost a crazy amount of weight since then. Hopefully hours will pick up a lot at Yogurtland and I’ll be able to buy a few new things soon. Is it still illegal to flash your genitals in public if gravity did it? Hopefully not. Making steak and brussel sprouts today! YEEESSS. It’s going to be delicious. I have been craving steak for a few days…so I bought four! I only eat beef occasionally, but when I do, it’s always magical. Work was freakin sweet last night, we made some mudda fuggin monneeyyyy. I didn’t necessarily, but what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. I met the neighbor lady, she is really nice. Which is nice because I really don’t want my neighbors to hate me. We talked about her brother’s incarceration, cockroaches, and how her son took in her brother’s pit bull as a therapy dog for his psychotic break down and now he doesn’t hear voices anymore. I have already made friends with him though, he’s one of the teenagers that sit on the steps and get stoned. I like these people, I honestly do. It’s times like these that famous talk about when they are explaining their crazy pre-success lives in books, so I don’t mind it. As stressful as the struggle is, I appreciate it’s value towards my future. I also appreciate steak, so I’m gonna go make some!!! My afternoon is far more delicious than yours. Sorry, but not really.


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