Eighty Three

Ugh! Kind of a crazy day! I only have like 10 minutes to write this thing before work. So my grandpa bought me a stun gun and it’s pretty fuckin awesome. After 3 seconds a person will lose all of their muscle control and essentially shit their pants… and it’s pink. So sweet! and ew. Today was the first day my grandpa saw me since I have started losing weight, which was always something he gave me a hard time for, so I was kind of nervous at what he would say. He said that I am looking better and that my face looks nice, but then went on to tell me about how I’m too young to be overweight. And he was less than impressed with my journalism plan. *sigh. Can a sister get a break?! Damn. So, I freakin woke up 10 am after getting to sleep at 4 because of the Hunger Games, which was bitchin by the way. I felt awake this morning, but now I am soooo sleeeppyy. Of course right before I have to go work. Better wake up though! The gym is callin my name. Alright I gotta go pretend like I give a shit about rich people, peace!


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