Eighty Two

Hunger Games midnight showing tonight! Even though I hadn’t even heard of The Hunger Games until the movie was coming out, I am excited to finally get out and do something! I will actually be like, out in public, with friends and other people who are all there for the same purpose. It should be awesome. My goal tonight is to not eat any junk food at the theater. I MIGHT get a diet soda if I am feeling frisky. I did kick some ass at the gym this morning, so a normal sized diet soda shouldn’t be too bad. I’m definitely going to be getting coffee. Tomorrow is pay day!!! I need to go buy fruit and greek yogurt and cottage cheese because I am out of those things and they keep me sane, but I am good on meat and veggies… soooo… I can’t really justify going to buy just those things, so I have to accept that the next time I’m at FoodMaxx it will be a very unjustified trip. I can’t handle not having greek yogurt! The complex manager guy just came to tell me that he’s going to get laundry room keys! Yeesss. I did laundry at my mom’s last night, and then after I carried the hamper of clothes out to my car after they were washed, I realized I left my keys in her house so I went back in and got them and then uhh… drove away. I didn’t notice I hadn’t put all the clothes in my car until I was about 5 minutes away from my house. So obviously I had to drive allllllll the way back. Getting this laundry room keys is really going to make laundry easier. So yay! Well I’m going to go eat an orange because I just watched Paula Dean make pecan praline brownies and I need some sugar before my face explodes.


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