Seventy Nine

What a day. SO I got up early for these pest people. I unpacked all of my cabinets and had plans to leave for three hours and all that shit. 9:30 rolls around, which is when the appointment was, and no one has showed up. I assume they might be a few minutes late so I didn’t worry. I wasn’t sure if I could leave or if I needed to let them in or what the deal was with that. So at 9:45 I call the number on the website and some guy answers. I explain to him where I live and ask if I can leave or if I need to stay and he says that the guy should be on the premises and he describes the truck he has and all that. So I go downstairs to find this guy and there is no one around. Like at all. So I knock on the site manager’s door, knowing he wasn’t there but hey why not, and the guy calls me back. He tells me the guy was already been there, but that if I needed my unit to get sprayed he would come later to do it for me. Ummm,… what? So after I explained that I kind of had my whole morning planned around this and that I had unpacked all of my shit AND that I had been awake for over an hour and half and no one ever came to my unit, I told him I didn’t need it and that it was all good. So it didn’t even end up happening. Fuucckkiinnnnn annoying. So I didn’t end up spending three hours at the gym like I needed. I was pretty lame at the gym this morning actually. I was just so tired. Wesley and I did decided that each month we are going to try and shave 30 seconds  off of our mile. Not sure how realistic that goal is, but we are gonna try, dammit. It’s exactly 3 months until my birffdayyy today!!! Yay. I close at the Land of Yogurt tonight. I am not excited, but it will be full of coffee and… yogurt? yeaahh. Hopefully soon we will have coffee yogurt.


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