Seventy Eight

Oh my jesus today has been crazy. This is seriously the first minute I have had today to sit down and write this. I got up early to open at Yogurtland, after work I went straight to pick up a friend, came back here and started cooking treats for The Walking Dead finale, cleaned up, got ready, friends got here and watched the finale, then had to get all the stuff in the kitchen ready for the pest people in the morning, and I am now writing this blog. UGH. These pest people coming in the morning are really ruining my life. I just want to sleep in and relax. But alas, I must get up early to get the stuff in the bathroom ready for the pest people and then it’s off to the gym for three hours. Then I get to come home and put all the stuff back and then its work until late. Hmph. I really do need to spend three hours at the gym tomorrow though. I had two cupcakes and like… fucking FOUR cream cheese stuffed bacon wrapped chillies. Shit. Time to work it out! But I am exhausted and I still need to shower and stuff so I’m gonna go do that. Peace!


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