Seventy Six

Oyyyy Veeeyy. Today has been interesting so far. The gym kicked my ass so hard this morning. Last night I did quite a bit of strength training in my legs and abs, so running this morning was not going to happen easily, and it didn’t. My body did not want to be awake and it sure as shit did not want to be doing running circuits. I think the picture above accurately portrays the overall exhaust that went on. No make up, hair back, no bra, my “I should wear clothes, but I don’t really want to wear clothes” dress, and the fact that I do not care. Put that shit on the internet. Totally fine with me. While I was leaving the gym I got a call from some dude saying he was coming over to fix my shower faucet. It wasn’t broken, but whatever I guess the walk through people for the management company put in a work order for it. So he got here (I did not put forth the effort to look any better), put in a new faucet, talked to me about how cheap the property management place was and that the pipes are basically rusting to nothing and how old the plumbing is and then bounced. Then I got this dumb piece of paper stuck in my door frame telling me that the pest people were coming to spray on Monday. For one, I don’t even have pests. I fuckin owned them myself. Second, the directions are crazy. I have to take everything out of my kitchen and bathroom and put them somewhere away from the walls and cover them with blankets AND I have to be gone for 3 hours. They are getting here at 9:30 am. What the fuck am I going to do for three hours at 9:30 am? So if anyone wants to get breakfast or something lemme know, because I’m gonna be free. I am also starving right now. I wish I felt like making food, but I just don’t. So, the hunger will continue until it out weighs the laziness. It is pay day though! Yeus. Tomorrow I gotta go grocery shopping and get all the stuff I will need for my zombie inspired treats for the Walking Dead finale. Did I tell you what I am making? Oh, well let me explain (again?). I am making cream cheese stuffed Anaheim chillies wrapped in bacon and baked in honey (severed zombie fingers) and vanilla cup cakes with homemade strawberry syrup in the centers topped with swirls of pink cream cheese frosting (brains!). So pumped. So awesome. I am so awesome. Welllll I am off to lounge until work tonight. Thuggin.


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