Seventy Five

What a lazy loverly day. Had some manly cuddly company, didn’t get out of bed until well after noon, drank some coffee, watching No Reservations (which is both endlessly entertaining and completely heart breaking for me), and then later it’s off to work. I am making my delicious balsamic roasted brussel sprouts for dinner and those are always exciting. I had to go buy balsamic vinegar and since I’m almost down into the 160’s (XD wwwaaaahhh?? hsfifgshdfghsdgfh!) I decided to wear some shorts. I felt pretty good. I was ready to go take Target by storm. But as I was walking into target I got the privilege of staring at my whole self in the windows and immediately regretted wearing shorts. *sigh. Fucking thighs… WHATEVER. I made myself feel better by getting a venti iced coffee with two pumps of mocha from Starbucks. Totally counterproductive and senseless? Yes. I do not care. Imma work it at the mudda fuggin gym tonight. Seriously though, when I watch shows like No Reservations, I genuinely feel like I do not belong here in America. I need to be in Spain or Italy or Greece or all of the above! I can almost feel the part of my heart that is dedicated to food and traveling break a little every episode. If there is one quality that I have to say I got from my mom, which believe me there are a few, it would be her wanderlust. Maybe one day I will get the opportunity to live in a different country, even just for a year. Oh the dreams of a single, poor 20 year old! Keeping my head high and knees sturdy. That should get my somewhere right?


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