Seventy Three

LAST DAY WITHOUT INTERNET AND CABLE. I can’t believe I made it. Tomorrow is also weigh in day. Hmph. Zumba really kicked my ass this morning so hopefully it helped a little. I have had two people consult me today about exercise and diet stuffs! XD It really makes my day that people actually want to come to me with their questions. SO yay. Since I had to come do my blog at damn Starbucks I didn’t make food before I left because I wasn’t hungry yet, so now I am hungry and work is going to suck! I am such a little bitch when it comes to being hungry. Oooohhh wellllllllll. Biggest Loser tonight!! YES. I freakin love Biggest Loser. I think you guys know this. I want to be on the Biggest Loser. I want to email the producers with the deal that if I gain 200 pounds, I will for sure be on the show, but I’m not sure they’d go for that. Well this is going to have to be a short entry because it’s almost time for work. Money makin!


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