Seventy Two

Only 2 more days until cable and internet. Only 2 moorree days. I think I can make it. The nostalgia of blogging in Starbucks has faded and it’s just an inconvenience again. Lemme just say that The Walking Dead last night was crazy!!! Holy balls. So excited/sad for the season finale next week. Viewing party at my place! Yeuh. I am considering looking for a new job. I just can’t survive on the hours I am getting at Yogurtland. I don’t know what kind of job I would look for, but if hours don’t start picking up within the next few weeks I am not really going to have a choice. We will see I suppose. Got my laundry done today. I had to go to a laundry mat because the laundry room at the complex was locked and I don’t have a key and apparently the property management place doesn’t either. So they are sorting that out. Zumba tomorrow morning! Then I gotta weigh myself Wednesday. 😦 I am scared. I definitely do not feel thinner than I did 2 weeks ago. I honestly can’t tell if I look thinner. I will understand why if I get a bad number this week, but it’s never fun to not do as good as you should have. My eating has been pretty spectacular this week and I did upgrade my cardio at the gym this week. Just going to have to wait and see I guess. I CAN’T WAIT TO BE SKINNY. Seriously, it’s always on my mind. I definitely want to be healthy, and I am, but behind every healthy choice is the extreme want to be skinny. Like tonight, the person at Starbucks didn’t put any 2% milk in my brewed coffee, and she seemed really busy so I didn’t bother re-asking for it, so I just used some of the half-and-half that’s over by all the straws and stuff, and all I could think was, “THIS BETTER NOT MAKE ME FAT STARBUCKS BITCH.” Sometimes it’s an issue. Hopefully my BAMF-ness helped me drop a couple pounds this week. At least one?!? Only the scale will tell. Speaking of fat, I have to go get ready for the gym. Sweat baby, sweat!


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