Seventy One

Fuucccckkkkkkkk I am in a baaadddddd mooooooooood. Perhaps it is because I haven’t eaten anything today other than cottage cheese and yogurt. But that’s not my fuckin fault because my fuckin phone didn’t automatically change the fuckin time last night so I was fuckin late to work so I didn’t have fuckin time to cook any fuckin food. Obviously today has not been the greatest. I did go grocery shopping and I got some pretty bomb stuff. Going to make shrimp tonight! Yum. Then Walking Dead and then gym. At some point today I have to do laundry. I tried to do it earlier, but I guess you need a key for the laundry room at my complex and I don’t have it and the office guy wasn’t home either soooo… I don’t know. Hopefully he is home at some point tonight. Now, being as vague as I can humanly be due to possible future consequences with said company if said person were to ever come across my blog, I am going to state that one of the places I work for is ran by a complete Fuck. And I am seriously devising a way to get rid of said Fuck, because they really are being a shitty fuck. They schedule themselves for 40 hours a week while cutting everyone elses, they barely do anything when they do work, they are lazy, they only do things that will benefit them and no one else, the owner is at their feet and will not do anything to fix the problem even though it has been brought up by multiple employees, and they are completely unqualified to be managing anything. If things do not improve soon, action will be taken. That’s all imma say, for now. Other than that things are going pretty good. Yesterday I discovered Sudafed for the first time. It’s amazing. If the box didn’t clearly state to not take more than one pill every 12 hours, I’d be poppin that shit all day. I can’t feel a damn thing. That’s pretty much all I got for today. I am going to end this entry with a message: To anyone that may think that what was vaguely described above applies to you or you are someone who is offended because you think you know who it is describing and you disagree and you are planning to have me punished over it, I have one thing to say. Prove it. Bitch.


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