Welp, I spent my day at urgent care. That’s why I look so good. The good news is, is that I don’t have to be on antibiotics and I learned that my insurance does still work. So that’s nice to know. I tried to go to urgent care after work last night because I was completely freakin dying at work, but they were all closed. CLOSED. Yeah people, urgent cares close. Who the fack decided that. So stupid. I even skipped the gym and everything to go, so when I go tonight I am going to have to really kick my ass. I am SO hungry. I ate cottage cheese for breakfast and then I had an apple at urgent care. I want food. I will probably be here at Starbucks until 3 or so. I have to wait for my prescriptions to be ready. I do have to say, I am starting to enjoy working in Starbucks. It’s definitely kind of douchey, but it’s also a nice environment to just kind of chill. I got my check yesterday, and it was 280 bucks. My check.. for my $10 an hour job.. was 280 dollars. Umm, does anyone else see the problem there? I REALLY NEED MORE HOURS. If hours don’t pick up soon, then applying for EBT will definitely be happening. I need to go grocery shopping and get some stuff, but I don’t know when that’s gonna happen. Not today. I am not pumped for work tonight, or tomorrow. But after tomorrow it will only be three days until cable and internet!!! It’s going to be so awesome. You know what’s not going to be awesome? Weigh in day this week. I am not excited. I wanna lose another 5 pounds before Easter. So that gives me 2.5 weeks. I am not really planning on losing any weight this week. Maybe like half of a pound. So that’s about 2.5 pounds a week, which is kind of daunting, but I think I can do it. Once I hit the 170 mark, I am not sure what I’ll do. Once I get into the 160’s?… holy shit snacks. My ending goal is somewhere around 155. I want to be able to stay between 155 and 160. For my height, I am technically supposed to weigh 135, but uuuhh, yeah that will never happen. You can blame softball for that. (SO BUFF YEEAAHH) I just like being able to wear things again, like jeggings. I don’t know if I was thinner when I bought them, or if I just didn’t really pay attention to how they looked, but I know I wasn’t this thin when I used to wear them like every day. Once I can wear sleeveless things, then my journey will be complete. I have NEVER been able to comfortably wear sleeveless things. No tank tops, dresses, even cap sleeves are unacceptable. My arms have always just been so gigantic. They still are. Slightly less gigantic, but they are still big. They still have a lot of fat on them. I know it is going to be a slow process. Easter will be fun. I love holidays! Easter may be my favorite one. I am not exactly sure why. I just love it. It’s definitely not because of Jesus. Chocolate bunnies? Cadbury eggs? Spring time? Flowers? Egg dying? It’s all amazing. So excited to get some meds to help with this sickness and get back on my beastly grind. I need to figure out how to make more money! Being an adult is hard. I’m pretty sure I am related to some Scottish royalty or something, so one of those fuckers need to die and leave me some cash. So imma continue to wait for that totally probable thing to happen.


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