Sixty Nine {hehehe}

Well I finally got my ruffle duvet! But I also some how acquired a sinus infection. So YAY and mutha fuckin shit. The duvet is just as amazing as I always knew it would be. I really can’t afford to get sick right now. I can not take any time off of work and I need to be able to go work out. Getting this sinus infection is really gonna fuck my shit up. I could go to the doctor and get some meds, but I have no idea whether or not I still have insurance. OH WELL. Thug life mudda fuggas. I weighed myself at the gym last night out of curiosity/improved mental ability to handle weight issues/punishment gluten and in San Jose I only gained a pound. ONE POUND. That’s amazing. Because seriously, I was eating every carby fatty sugary chocolatey salty thing I could. So yay for new fast acting metabolism? Yes, hell yay. I am going to start getting pretty gung ho about my arms though. Summer is quickly arriving! I get paid today which is good. I’m not particularly low on funds, but I need to start building up my bank account for this next month because most of my bills are all due within the same week. I am considering going to apply for EBT. I am not “in poverty” necessarily, but it would help tremendously if I could get like $100 a month for groceries. We will see after the first couple of months. If it isn’t too bad then I won’t go through the trouble, but if I am like scavenging after bills are paid off then yeah I am going to go check it out. *Please excuse me. I have to go forcefully project snot out of my face* Annnd I’m back. 5 more days until I have cable and internet. Oh man I can not wait. I can’t wait to have people over, I can not wait to be able to snuggle up with myself and watch TV, I can not wait to have viewing parties with o’rdeurves and cocktails, I can not wait to be able to blog in the comfort of my pretty, ruffly, pink bed. I got a lot of positive feed back on yesterday’s post. I just wanted to say that I do appreciate the support and positive comments. It means a lot to me to know that people are happy that I am happy. And like I said, if anyone needs any advice or meal recipes or anything like that just contact me. Whether it’s through text or Facebook or whatever. I’m off to collect that paper! Definition of thuggish ruggish.


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