Sixty Five

Home. Shower. Bed. I have successfully made it home from San Jose and holy shit am I exhausted. I can not wait to go to sleep. This was a wonderful weekend, but this is going to be a crazy week. Have to get up and get stuff loaded onto the trailer so we can move it all over to the apartment in the afternoon, then have to call a cable company to get that shit set up, I work all week, and I need to make up for my diet this weekend at the gym. Being up North really made me re-realize how badly I want to get out of Bakersfield. Other places are so amazing, Bakersfield is so… universally terrible. I don’t know if I will have internet by the end of tomorrow or not, but hopefully I will and I’ll be able to blog. Time to go back to the real world and start getting shit done again. Lame.


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