Sixty Four

I’M IN SAN JOSE! Me and Wesley drove up last night to surprise our friend Marcus. 🙂 We planned this out about a week ago, but I couldn’t talk about it because it was a secret. But we are here! We leave tomorrow, so it was only a couple of days, but I think we all needed it. I am almost completely off of my diet here, but shit man. This is a vacation. I need to relax and just have a good time. I made Marcus Oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies and Nutella swirled snicker doodle muffins. Yeah, you try not to eat that shit. Once I move in on Tuesday it’s gonna be all work and gym all the time, so I am not worried about losing whatever weight I gained this weekend, I have pretty much forever to do it and I will be back on track on Wednesday. We made a pit stop in Monterey last night on our way up to see some friends, we are stopping there on our way home too. Pretty fantastical weekend. We are going to go to sushi tonight and that will also be fantastical. It’s always nice to have a semi-spontaneous road trip. It always helps ease the craziness of real life. By the end of Tuesday I will be all moved in! YAY. Finally. Can’t wait to have everything all done. Can’t wait to be at my goal weight! Things are happening fast and I’m trying to keep up. I am also trying to refrain from eating all of my licorice and cinnamon bears.. I am succeeding at one of those things.


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