Sixty Three

Ohhhhh today has beeeeen a terrible day for diet. I am half blaming the fact that we don’t have any food that I can eat here, but when it comes down to it I have just been weak and shitty about the food I have eaten today. I had a peanut Lara Bar for breakfast, which isn’t great or terrible, but then after getting home from this group psychic reading with mom I was starving! We didn’t have any meat or veggies here, so I ate 4 Oreos. FACK. I just ate 4 pieces of turkey bacon for some protein, which isn’t fattening, it’s just stupid. Oh well. Everyone has these kinds of days. I’m not gonna stress too much about it. Just gotta make sure I get back on track. It should be a pretty chill weekend. Gonna catch up on some sleep which is going to be awesome. I still have spray paint all over my arm. I got a lot of it off, but it’s definitely still there. I am not looking forward to work tonight. I am sleepy and do not feel like dealing with people. I need to go figure out food before work. UGH. I feel SO lazzzzyyyyy. Hopefully I snap out of it because I got shit to do!


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