Aside from being completely exhausted, today was a great fucking day. I lost 1.5 pounds this week (which I am ok with since I lost 3 last week and I have been eating enough for like 6 people), I got the apartment that I applied for on Monday, a very friendly black man at Yogurtland called me “stunning”, I ordered the ruffle duvet from Urban Outfitters that I have wanted for over a year, and it was on SALE. Can I get a “fuck yeah”? Fuck yeah. I go in tomorrow to sign my contract and get my keys. I am so excited. All I want to do is lay on the floor in my empty apartment and know that it’s mine. It’s going to be full of me, and my stuff, and my everything. MIIINNEEE. But for real I am so tired. I did not sleep enough last night at all. I fell asleep in my car today… unintentionally… waiting for work… yeah. I could only muster up the strength to burn 300 calories at the gym tonight and it almost killed me. Tomorrow is round 2! I am off to get the most amount of sleep I can. Good night. 🙂


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