Fifty Nine

Today was probably the laziest day I’ve had in a few weeks. It was much needed. Went to zumba this morning, did laundry,.. and that’s it. So great. To top it all off The Biggest Loser is on tonight and I succeeded in getting a shift that I needed switched at work. The only downer of the day is that I did not hear back about the apartment. I should hear from them tomorrow, but I work all day tomorrow and the next day so it would have been nice to know today when I had some free time. If I don’t get it I will be super disappointed. It really is a perfect apartment for me. SO ANXIOUS. I have been starving the last few days. No matter how much I eat during the day I always feel hungry. I don’t know if it’s my metabolism speeding up so eating more is a good thing or if it’s me having some kind of stressed out will power break down and eating more is a terrible thing. I obviously want it to be my metabolism speeding up, but we will find out tomorrow! It’s not like I have been eating bad food, it’s all been healthy food, it’s just been a lot of it. Tonight I need get my food for tomorrow ready and go buy some fruit annddd I am going to get a ccoffffffeeeeeee aaahhhhhhhh*drroool. Other than that I am just stayin on my grind. Makin money and makin moves. Keepin my head up no matter what.


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