Fifty Seven

I just had steak and asparagus. BOMB. Today was chill, work was good and now I am going to go watch The Walking Dead with the boys. Should be a good episode! I realized today that on Wednesday I was one pounds away from being 175. I know that probably seems like a lot still to most people, but I literally can not remember the last time I weighed 175. It’s kind of a big deal. I know this sounds like a fat girl excuse, but I do have a lot of muscle. There is definitely a good amount of fat over it, but I will always weigh a lot no matter how low my body fat percentage is. I don’t even know what I’m going to do once I get into the 160’s. I might have to have a party. Going to go look at apartments tomorrow!! I am excited. I hope that I can eventually find a place that I love and that I have good enough credit and all that jazz. Doin work the next two days at the gym and then it’s weigh in Wednesday! I am nervous. I hope I continued to lose weight this week. Another plateau would SUCCKKK. We will see. I’m out!


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